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Content Creative in an AI World (Level 5)

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This new course focusing on content creation and harnessing of social media power in an AI World. The course will provide learners with an introduction to key digital specialisms, including social media marketing, AI tools, search engine optimization and digital content writing skills. It will equip learner with the practical creative media skills needed to work in the expanding digital content production sector in Ireland. The employment opportunities in the digital media industry are endless with the global influencer market currently worth around $21 billion. This is a practical course where learners will work on case studies, projects and acquire the skills required for Content Creation across multi-media platforms. Technical skills to write & generate original digital content for social media, websites/ YouTube/ Instagram ‘stories’/ TikTok will be integral to the learner’s experience. Digital knowledge & confidence is required to communicate effectively to sell products, tell a brand story or to advertise to an engaged audience via online channels. The success for short video promotional platforms such as TikTok is evidence that moving images are popular tools to share content. Media is consumed through devices – content creation is a career path that has emerged for Graphic Design companies/ Brand Consultancy Agencies. Small local businesses to large global organisations seek content creators to assist them in sharing their products/ services.


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