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Photographic Studies (Level 6)

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This is the progression course for students who have completed the QQI level 5 Photographic Studies QQI Level 6 programme is designed to provide an advanced understanding of the photographic medium. Students’ progress through a series of workshops and lectures aimed at increasing their perceptive awareness, which culminates in the individual’s ability to apply advanced techniques to concept, thereby producing visually successful and articulate work. This educational process also prepares future photographers to eloquently express their work practice when necessary. Upon completion of the Level 6 programme, students gain considerable experience by organizing a professional Graduate Exhibition at a recognized city centre venue. Running since 1997, the full time level 5 and level 6 Photographic Studies course successfully provides an in-depth education in photography; from film to digital, darkroom to image processing, studio to street, within the context of historical and contemporary perspectives. Students who have successfully completed the course have gone on to start their own businesses as freelancers, as wedding and portrait photographers, as photojournalists and documentary photographers, studi photographers, printers and as artists. Inspired by the course, a high degree of students also go on to study photography (& other subject areas) at Third Level, with a significant number also coming from Third Level courses to study with us based on the reputation of the course. We provide a passionate, interactive environment for students of all ages to find their feet (and often themselves!) in our well-equipped new facilities, for a very affordable fee.


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