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Early Learning, Care & Special Needs (Level 6)

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This is Stage Two of a Two-Stage Programme. The overall aim of the two-stage programme is to enable learners to develop the knowledge, skills, and competence to work as autonomous practitioners, subject to practice supervision, promoting and supporting the holistic needs of children from 0 to six years, and/or to take responsibility for a room or area in an ELC setting. This award also provides the learner with the opportunity to transfer and progress into further and higher education and training. The current qualification requirement for room leaders is Level 6 (DCEDIY, register of recognised Early Years qualifications.) Qualifications for different roles in ELC may be subject to change in line with evolving national policy. The programme leads to a new award, the Advanced Certificate in Early Learning and Care 6M21471. It is important to note that the 6 mandatory Programme Modules are not accredited Awards in their own right. The Advanced Certificate in Early Learning and Care will only be awarded on successful completion of Stage One of the Programme and all of the 6 mandatory Programme Modules in Stage Two.


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Early Learning and Care

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